Tragick Magick Mystics

by Tree No Leaves

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Dustin Ray Galish - vocals, guitar, omnichord, kalimba, electronics
Jared Schneider - bass, drums/beats, sampling, engineering

Check out the video of our first live performance of the album front to back at Java Rave.


released 30 September 2012
All songs written, recorded, and performed by Tree No Leaves at Cardboard Studios

Artwork - Will Santino -

Tree No Leaves © 2012
all rights reserved



all rights reserved


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Tree No Leaves Ohio, Ohio

Seed / Root / Tree
Tree No Leaves is a psych/ambient/rock band formed circa 2008 by Dustin Ray Galish. The project has performed live and recorded with a collective of musicians and have a collection of over 20 online releases. These recordings range from studio albums, concert recordings, and improv/loop based cassette tapes. ... more

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Track Name: Pity Bone
pretty little faces covered in mud
dirty old pillows covered in blood
oh oh oh my pity bone
spread your wings here comes my flood
oh oh what have I done
soldiers of shiva burning everyone
oh oh oh my pity bone
Track Name: Civil War II
stop acting so civil
we all know it's a war
it's the meeting of polars
and the slamming of doors
two ocean floors, moving with the shore
my thoughts are dirty
words are evermore
the spark has flowed
the trip has slowed
surrounded by strangers
tired of useless words
hope you can paddle
cause the waters real warm
Track Name: Alone
i just want to say
that we'd be better off alone any way
i just want to say wait
who am I to say
that we'd be better off alone any way
i just want to say
that you'd be better off alone any way
i just want to say waste
Track Name: Ghost Town Rider
ghost town on the edge of a fire flied sky
dark road without a poe poe and no where to go
tower monsters only thing in site
high tensions transmitted through power lines
bright night
gonna see the light
ghost town on the ocean of broken souls
dark road populated by the water hole
karma monster chew you from inside
my guts twisted can't listen to the compromise
ghost town rider eat you alive
Track Name: Livin In SloMo
attached at the hip
slice to make it split
covered in blues
again in search of two
back to the practice
and not the events
livin in slo mo
where or where did we go
wrong, wrong, wrong
perhaps it's a miss
the addiction to quit
covered in blues
again in search of you
Track Name: The Grand Ball'n
the house was glowing with candle stick chambers
as I made my way to the dumplin' shop
the piss prophet has no heart
cause who would wanna strive
to be a fart catcher?
everyone listen!
everyone watch!
we poison pate people should always stick together
who wants to be in the kit kat club with me?