Ghost Alien God

by Tree No Leaves



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released June 6, 2012

Guitar/Vocals/Omnichord - Dustin Galish
Keys/Vocals - Sarah Smith
Bass - Tony Papa
Drums/Synth/Samples - Elijah Vazquez

Produced by Tree No Leaves
Engineered by Elijah Vazquez and Dalton Brand
Mixed and Mastered by Elijah Vazquez
Recorded at WaveBurner Recording Studio and DADA Gallery
Artwork by Will Santino


all rights reserved



Tree No Leaves Bowling Green, Ohio

Psychedelic Rock & Soul seeded and uprooted in Bowling Green, Ohio. Tree No Leaves is Dustin Galish, JP Stebal IV, Garrett Tanner, Steven Guerrero

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Track Name: Reality Tunnel Syndrone
Believe in what you see
Now you don't
What we perceive is all we know
One true reality
No one road
Believe in what you seek
Not what you're told
Hey! It's all you know
Track Name: Here and Wow
Circulations of time
Running over our core.
Quick now,
Don't look behind!
They're coming through the wall.

Ha ha….

Pencil me in.
Oh, I've got now on my mind.
We all know you're not real,
But, neither am I.

New locations seem fine.
All aboard! Here we are.
Let the river run dry:
No more boats allowed on shore.

Let me begin.
No reason nor rhyme.
We all know you're not real,
But, neither am I.
Track Name: Ghost Town Rider
ghost town on the edge of a fire flied sky
dark road without a poe poe and no where to go
tower monsters only thing in site
high tensions transmitted through power lines

bright night
gonna see the light

ghost town on the edge of broken souls
dark road populated by the water hole
karma monster eat you from inside
guts twisted can't listen to the compromise

powdered people chew you up
they spit you out and howl about it
piece together brains and brine
ghost town rider eat you alive

bright night
gonna see the light
Track Name: Sentience Screwed
Hush now human, don't you cry.
You're just going to stay with me for a while.

You seem so tired from all these chores.
Why haven't you all found a cure
For what makes you bored?

Black is white,
Night is day.

Go back to sleep
And awaken to another way.
Track Name: The Original Feel
Cover the stones with blankets and bones,
A dark day is ahead.
The dancing strings will break their swing
And blow it on the bank
Oh no...

Sing we now!
And please, oh please don't mix up the meds.
Memory has forsaken me,
But what the fuck is this??
Oh no...

We try and try, and try, and try
The original feel.
And you know what happens?
Catastrophe looks, oh,
Ever so real/near.

Over-reaction is here.